Member Requests for Information (9/29/2023)

Andrew Kalel, F.A.C.E. Lobbyist 

We are seeking an officer that has been involved in taking down an illicit gambling or casino style operation.  If you believe you can assist with this research, please contact Andrew Kalel.

Contact: Andrew Kalel | Email: [email protected]  


Troy Williams, Code Compliance Director, City of Destin

Seeking information on which Code Enforcement/Compliance Departments allow their officers to carry protection.  (Examples: Mace/Pepper Spray, Taser, Collapsible Baton, Handgun.)

Contact: Troy Williams | [email protected]


George McCorkle, Code Enforcement Chief, Manatee County

Does your jurisdiction have an assigned attorney that works within their division?

Contact: George McCorkle | [email protected]